Saturday, January 31, 2015

Teaching in Yangon, Myanmar

It is such a privilege to be at work in our Savior's kingdom. Today was no exception. Pastor Koenig has been here for a couple of days already so I was slated to teach the whole day. There were well over 90 in attendance today. The Bible seminar was from 9:00 - 3:30.

The crowd that gathered was made up of several independant pastors from the area along with many others from the area who were interested in learning more of what the Bible has to say. I was introduced to a number of individuals who have recieved Bible instruction class from Pastor Charles. Several of these individuals are converts from Buddhism and one woman was recently converted from Islam. Praise the Lord!

Before the afternoon session began 15 individuals came forward to recieve their certificate of completion for the course on Luther's Catechism that the recently completed with Pastor Edwards. The young lady who was recognized for having the highest score on the test was recently converted from Buddhism. Again...Praise the Lord!

Tomorrow morning during the worship service two recently converted Buddhists who are being instructed by Pastor Charles will be baptized. And again...Praise the Lord!!!

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